Growing, Serving and Learning Together

Several Sunday School Classes are combining in July for a study on Micah 6:8. This combined class will meet in Room 251. If you would like to visit a class during the month of July, please reach out to Director of Discipleship and Connections, Allison Nye, to confirm the class is meeting.


Sunday groups provide a way for adults to grow in the knowledge and love of God by learning, serving, praying and doing life together. Groups are offered for adults of all ages and stages in life, and newcomers are always welcome. Feel free to visit a few groups until you find the place that feels like “home.” If you need help finding a group, contact Director of Discipleship and Connection Allison Nye (678-867-7514).

Adult Sunday groups meet at 10 a.m.

Many adult Sunday groups meet both in-person and online. Check the class description to see if it offers Zoom, then email the class contact person for the link.

Abiding in the Vine

Age Range: 50 plus
Room: 316 and via Zoom
Contact: Sharon Rocchio

Inspired by the verses in John 15:1-17, this class’s goal is to follow Jesus Christ and be obedient to God. By “abiding in him,” class members strive to fulfill Christ’s purpose in their lives. The class is a mix of faith journeys and ages. This diversity lends itself to thoughtful discussion. Curriculum includes a variety of media and authors.

The Breakfast Club

Age Range: 30s
Room: 225
Contact: Ginna Cavender

The Breakfast Club is close-knit, inquisitive and fun-loving group of couples with young children. Two of the Breakfast Club’s favorite authors are Adam Hamilton and Rob Bell.

Cobb/Open Door

Age Range: 60 plus
Rm.: 251
Contact: Connie Rappa or Roy Foster

The Cobb/Open Door class is a combination of two long-time classes that joined together to continue in fellowship to study God’s Word. All studies are biblically based and can be lead by several different members. We may use video studies along with study guides. We welcome new members and are a lively group of men and women who are over 60 years old and love the Lord.

Discerning Hearts

Age Range: All ages welcome
Rm.: 276 and via Zoom
Contact: Pam Schiftic
Discerning Hearts is a women’s only Sunday School class.

Families of Faith

Age Range: 40s to 60s
Rm.: 308
Contact: Kathy Duffy

Families of Faith is a class made up of singles and couples. Most members have middle school through college-aged children. Families of Faith celebrates the fact that families look different, but that all families need Christ in the center. Study topics are chosen to uplift and challenge members in their daily walk with God. The class recognizes the importance of serving the ministries of our church and community, and members encourage one another to volunteer.


Age Range: 60-70
Rm.: 274 and via Zoom
Contact: Katie Garrett

The Friendship Class was formed when two longtime classes merged — Serendipity and Pairs and Spares. The age range is 60s to 70s. This is a teacher-led, discussion-based group, and class topics are varied, ranging from Bible study to issues facing Christians today. The typical study lasts about 6 weeks. Please feel free to drop in on Sunday and check us out!

In His Steps

Age Range: 40s-70s
Rm.: 253
Contact: Cindy Roberts

In His Steps Sunday School class draws its name from 1 Peter 2:21, “Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you should follow in His steps.” The class is comprised of members who are single and married, working and retired – all of whom are striving to be more Christ-like. In His Steps uses books and video for short-term studies that are highlighted by open discussion. A mission-oriented group, class members serve as ushers and small group leaders. Several sing in the Chancel Choir.

New Kids on the Block

Rm: 224
Contact: Cadie Clark

New Kids on the Block is a class for young families, to support and walk alongside each other in this challenging season of life. Our mission is to root our marriages and families in Christ’s love and help each other, step by step.


Age Range: 40-70
Rm.: 208 and via Zoom
Contact: Joy and Bud Manbeck

The members of Pathfinders are constantly seeking to “find their path” and follow Christ. The class uses Bible studies that have strong study guides and DVDs, with class members rotating teaching responsibilities. The Pathfinders membership can be described as “supportive, loving and seeking God’s will.”


Age Range: 30-50s
Rm.: 226
Contact: Jane Scott

Revive is a class for adults who want to revive their relationship with the Church and fellow believers and, ultimately, revive their walk with Christ. Revive is a family-oriented group. Many of class members have young children (from infant to high school). The focus is on Bible studies that are relatable to our daily lives. Class time is highlighted by open discussion. We encourage social hour after completing each study and plan social events outside class to help develop a deeper relationship with fellow classmates.


Age Range: Late 30s-50s
Room: 310
Contact: Michele Melton

This class launched in February 2022 with the goal of taking a scripture-based approach to faith development. Through manageable at-home study and discussion in class, class members aim to gain a mindset of living like Christ in their daily lives.


Age Range: All Age Groups
Room: 227
Contact: Ben Powell

If you’re looking for connection and study on Sunday morning, come join our newest Sunday School class! The class focuses on the basics of Christianity through videos and discussion.

Spirit in Action

Age Range: 40-65
Rm: 312
Contact: Erica Greene

Spirit in Action was formed 20 years ago with the desire to be the hands and feet of Christ. Though we still have many of the original members, we continue to add new faces to our class. We are laid back, supportive and very active in the life of the church. The class is led by various members of the class in Bible study each Sunday.