The Baptismal Covenant is God’s word to us, proclaiming our adoption by grace, and our word to God promising our response of faith and love. Those within the covenant constitute the community we call the church; therefore, the services of the Baptismal Covenant are conducted during the public worship of the congregation where the person’s membership is to be held, except in very unusual circumstances.

Alpharetta Methodist welcomes your inquiry about the Sacrament of Baptism and we look forward to assisting your family with planning this special day. It is our desire to make all baptisms a most memorable occasion.

Persons of all ages can be baptized at Alpharetta Methodist. The church recognizes baptisms from other Christian denominations and churches and, therefore, does not “re-baptize.”


The following information is needed:

  • Requested date of baptism
  • Full name of person to be baptized
  • Name of parent(s), if child baptism
  • Date of birth
  • Contact phone number


To schedule a baptism, please contact Secretary to the Senior Pastor Sarah Humber.


Please review the following guidelines:

  • No baptisms are scheduled on the first Sunday of the month.
  • We require that you speak with the pastor of the requested service about baptism prior to the scheduled date.
  • In keeping with the sanctity of the Baptism Covenant, no photographs or videotaping is permitted by family or friends during the worship service. (If Alpharetta Methodist-approved photographers are on duty on the date of your baptismal ceremony, they may take photos and post them to our Smugmug page. During the week following your baptism, you may wish to check the page to see if photos have been posted. Please note: Church photographers are volunteers and are on duty as their personal schedules permit, so not all baptisms will be photographed.)
  • Ministers will be available for photographs with the family after the worship service.