Why give?

Giving nurtures growth in our relationship with Jesus Christ and supports the mission and ministry efforts of Alpharetta Methodist Church.


Can I give online?

Yes! It’s easy!

To make a gift to the church using your phone, simply text GIVE to 877-492-1728.


Can I just give once online to try it out?

Yes! Click the button above to make a one-time donation.


Can I set up recurring donations?

Yes. Click the button below or contact our Finance Office to set up a recurring donation.

Will my contributions be reflected on my giving statement?

Yes.  We’ll send an updated statement quarterly, or you can check it online anytime.


Can I update the frequency or amount of my donation?

Yes.  You can update the frequency or amount online anytime.


How do I get help?

Contact Kim Tyska by email or call 770-521-8779.


Are there fees to give online?




If you have additional questions or want more information about giving to Alpharetta Methodist, please contact Director of Finance and HR, Helen Cork, (770-475-5576). You can also see all of your donations if you sign up to give online.